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Everyone is leaving.. they have to be out at noon today. I still have 5 more pages to go. And I’m not exactly sure what I’m talking about anymore. 

12 more hours 12 more hours 12 more hours 12 more hours. I can have my facebook back, I can watch Glee, I can will dance around my room in my undies. 

It’s going to be glorious. If I live long enough to see it… 

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had to. 24 hours sdflksjdflksdj

I’m in actual physical pain. I’ve only cranked out 2 pages of this beast, and I’m started to get worried about having enough to say to make it to the page limit. It doesn’t make it better that San Diego is gorgeous today. And the desk I’m at has a view of a soccer field with shirtless boys kicking a ball around in it. 

I’m not a complainer, but everyone who has come in contact with me in the past 3 days knows I have this paper to write still. It’s not due until 10:00pm tomorrow night, but like I said, every minute I know I still have to do it is hurting me. 

Sorry tumblr, but I just had to complain. I’m trying to motivate myself by saying that if I finish late tonight/early tomorrow I can go for a jog on this beautiful campus before I have to leave it for a month. And that no matter how much this thing is consuming my entire soul, I get to see my parents in less than 48 hours. 

Someone say something that will magically set off my writing bug? ._.

Almost everyone is done with finals… I still have a 15 page paper I haven’t started. 

I’ve never been this pained by school work in my entire life. This paper feels like it’s actually going to kill me. 

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Last day of classes

2 study days, German final. Weekend, history final. Developmental & Systems final. Ethics paper (15 pages… eeek) and leadership paper.

GPA on the line. Sprained rib from coughing because of this #*$&@*& cold. Saying goodbye to so many faces. Moving out. Starting what might possibly be the best summer of my life. 

Finals, let’s dance. 

fucking cold…

I was really motivated for finals yesterday…

today, not so much.

just 4 days, 3 exams, and 1 paper until I’m done

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