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That awkward moment when graduation is less than a month away and your start training for your job in just over a month and you don’t know where your life went

When my best friend & I take a shot that we know is going to put us over the edge

Saturday afternoon coffee shop and a chai latte… you simply cannot beat it

Liberal Arts education? What are you, a hippy?!

Conservative Arts Degree, Lesson #1 (and only)

  1. be rich
  2. don’t be poor.

Solid day in my book

Slept in late (side note: you know you’re old when 9:00am is “sleeping in”)

Ran my first 2 miles without stopping

Swam laps in the pool, following by some tanning in this glorious San Diego sun. 

Hanging out with good friends

Biking riding at sunset at the San Diego Bay

Flying home

Falling asleep in my bed at home, but not before watching the olympics

I’m lovin’ in ;)

San Diego summer time.. it can’t really be beat. 

Moving back on campus tomorrow. I feel bad leaving my parents again so soon, but it’s something I really need to do. It’s gonna be a lot of:

  • research
  • personal statements
  • GRE class
  • writing
  • post-grad applications
  • reading

But don’t you worry your pretty little head.. if last summer was any indication of the fun we’re gonna have, it’ll make up for all of it ;)

The moment of calm that follows a realization or an epiphany, typically proceeded by feelings of panic and stress, is a wonderful moment indeed. 

Christmas conversations with Dan. As long as I’m laughing, that’s all that matters… right? ;) 

missing my bed in san diego <3 I love home, but when all the people you love are spread across 2 places, your heart always misses the one you’re not in… 

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